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1.LISTEN poster

A new study exploring the effectiveness of a long Covid intervention is looking for people living with the condition to take part.

The Long COVID Personalised Self-management support co-design and Evaluation (LISTEN) study will evaluate the effectiveness of a new personalised support programme, co-designed by people living with long Covid.

Participants will be randomly selected into two groups, one receiving the LISTEN support package, which will involve a resource book and up to six, one-to-one video or telephone call support sessions, with the other group receiving their usual local NHS services.

The study is open to anyone over 18 years of age who has been experiencing long Covid symptoms for 12 weeks or more and has consulted with their GP.

Carol from our Patient & Public Involvement group says “I’m one of the people involved in the LISTEN trial and if you take part, you may read more about my story and those of other people. I can’t read a book at the moment, but the handbook is nice and easy to access and I’m sure you’ll find it useful. Don’t be put off by the thought of any forms or telephone calls, the people at LISTEN really understand and individualise the approach to what works for you. My advice would be, don’t miss this opportunity, grab it, and don’t delay. I wish this had been around for me when I was earlier in my journey, but I’m very proud to be part of the project now.”

The LISTEN study is now open for recruitment. Please visit www.listentrial.co.uk for more information and to register your interest in taking part.


2. Marie Curie Dementia and respite service

3. My melanoma Study

Advertisement for Phase 1 MyMelanoma

4. Voice advocacy

Your voice advocacy members have produced a short video explaining what people with learning disabilities can expect at their annual health check.  This gives some examples of some of the things that might happen, having your tummy felt, your breasts or testicles checked and your weight and height measured.

The video also gives examples of some of the questions that might be asked and acknowledges how people might feel scared or anxious about having the health check.  This is a really important video which should break down some of the barriers experienced by people with learning disabilities in experiencing health care and the aim is to improve uptake of the health check and reduce health inequalities.



5. PANORAMIC study

Local communications pack – Feb 2023


WEB Ukrainian Cervical Screening Leaflet

WEB Russian Cervical Screening Leaflet

7. Talk Club

Talk Club, a weekly session we host here at the stadium every Thursday between 6 – 8pm.

Talk Club is a male mental health charity which has evolved into a male mental fitness movement – please see attached promo PDF for more information.

The link on the Club website for more info and to contact Tony, our Captain, to sign up:https://www.swanseacity.com/community/swansea-city-afc-foundation-our-projects-and-initiatives/health-and-wellbeing/talk-club

TC Swansea – new POSTER

8. All wales Diabetes prevention programme

Diabetes prevention

9.The Ehlers-Danlos syndromes

EDS UK Poster WEB updated

10. Panoramic social media

11. Winter Viruses

15-12-2023_Beat Winter Viruses and Handwashing campaign PC announcement

12. Digital inclusion poster

Digital Inclusion Poster English High Quality

WELSH Digital Inclusion Poster High Quality

Patients and Public Survey Questions V4.2 (Paper)

Welsh – Patients and Public Survey Questions V4.2 (Paper)

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Date published: 9th October, 2021
Date last updated: 18th December, 2023