Harbourside Health Centre

St David’s Medical Centre

CONTRACEPTION & SEXUAL HEALTH – Women Clinic Harbourside

Women’s Clinic (Room 3, Harbourside Health Centre, Beacon Centre, SA1, 2-4pm on Friday)
-Contraception – implant insertion/ removal, contraceptive coil insertion/ removal
(Please request through Ask My GP or Ask reception to add patient on Dr Hlaing’s Ask My GP list for booking arrangements. Coil and Implant Insertions require patients to bring the device with them)
-sexual health family planning consultations, examination
-Pessary Insertion/removal

Contraception Choice Calculator – contraceptionchoices – whats-right-for-me
Frequently Asked Questions – https://www.contraceptionchoices.org/faqs

Sexual Health Clinic Singleton: Helpline 0300 5550279, Monday – Thursday 8am to 6.30pm and Friday 8 am to 2pm.
sexual-health services  (links to sexual health issues and contraception methods)

Termination of Pregnancy (Self-Referral Line)
Pregnancy Advisory Service – 01792 200303
Leaflets for Termination of Pregnancy Advice & Procedure – Pregnancy Advisory & Termination

Date published: 29th September, 2021
Date last updated: 2nd October, 2021