Harbourside Health Centre

St David’s Medical Centre

Shaney Hill

Diploma in Health & Social Care & Phlebotomy

Healthcare support worker

Shaney is our Welsh Speaking, brilliant Health Care Support Worker in the Practice.
The healthcare support worker is a well-trained & qualified professional who has successfully passed necessary competency evaluations  in providing  primary health care checks and procedures.

Shaney organises immunisation campaigns, provides New Patient Checks, Medication Compliance Reviews for Blood Pressure & Heart Disease Clinics and Contraception Checks. Shaney’s competencies include performing poly-pharmacy checks,  performing  ECG, manual blood pressure checks, B12 & Immunisation Administrations.

Personal Statement 

“ I am a naturally caring person. I will put you at ease. I will listen to you. I will advocate for your needs. I promise to strive for the best in the quality of care I provide for you “