Harbourside Health Centre

St David’s Medical Centre

Practice Administration Team

Practice Admin Team

Our Admin Staff performs a very busy and tedious job of running the Practice, ensuring data safety and patient confidentiality.  Prescribing Line and New Patient Registration are also included in the responsibilities of the Admin Team.

Admin Team Members 

Mrs Andrea Stacey

Mrs Stacey works alongside the Practice Manager, in-puts medical data into patient records and she is responsible for summarising a patient’s records and claiming for procedures, setting up searches, updating the GPs and Nurses rotas.

Mrs Shirley Sullivan & Mrs Paula Cox

Shirley and Paula are responsible for scanning hospital documents and updating the patient electronic records as part of our newly appointed Workflow team

Mrs Trudy Martin 

Trudy is responsible for Prescribing Line, Registration of New Patients, Monitoring and acting on incoming medical reports.

Angela Northcote

Angela works alongside Practice Manager and Mrs Stacey, responsible for claiming for procedures .